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Applecross Community Hydro Scheme

Applecross Community Hydro Scheme


Applecross Hydro is located on the Allt Breugach burn which flows from the hills behind Shore Street into Applecross Bay. It is a typical west coast burn with a relatively steep gradient and high rainfall, making it ideal for micro-hydro development. The site is owned and operated by Applejuice, a community benefit venture. Highland Eco-Design provided a turnkey construction solution. We took on the main contractor role and also undertook the electro-mechanical installation.

Construction began in August 2015 and was complete by the end of December that year. Thanks to the dedication of the construction team and the timely connection installation by the local distribution network operator, the project commissioned with a full 36 hours to spare and is fully operational.

The local community were incredibly supportive throughout the build; the project is an opportunity to earn a long term income for the community which can be used to address some of the many challenges the area faces. The ten pupils of Applecross Primary School visited the scheme during construction and raised £300 to buy a share in it in less than a month. The children have named the turbine Hamish Hydro.

The passion and determination of the communities of the Applecross peninsula to buck the trend leaves no doubt that the next phase in their journey will be as exciting and engaging as their hydro adventure.



Highland Eco-Design have nearly completed construction on the Applecross Community Hydro Scheme and are in the process of preparing for commissioning. We are proud to be leading this exciting venture with electricity generation due to start at the end of 2015. The share offer has now closed early after exceeding the £780,000 total required.


Electricity Output

The scheme will generate enough electricity to power the average needs of 117 UK households.

System Elements

Coanda effect intake screens
1.2km of buried pipe
Available head 172m
Max. flow rate 75l/s90kW
Pelton Turbine


Commissioned Dec 2015


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