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Site Details

Raehills is located in Dumfries and Galloway. The site is an old mill with an existing weir (shown below)

The new fish pass (below) was installed as part of the development to meet SEPA's guidance for small hydro power

As well as the fish pass there is a lade intake, 850m of lade or open channel to carry the water to the pipe intake, then 500m of pipe to transfer the water to the turbine.

Electricity Output

The scheme will generate enough electricity to power 41 UK households.

System Elements

  • Rotating mesh intake
  • Open lade and pipeline
  • Available head 24m
  • Max. flow rate 400l/s
  • 57kW Crossflow Turbine
  • Electricity to be used on the estate



RaehillsFishPass RaehillsPipe