Services/ Consultancy

Desk-top Scoping Study

Our Scoping Study has been devised as an early stage decision tool.

The purpose of this service is to provide the client with enough information to make an informed decision on the potential viability of project before incurring significant costs.

To keep our overheads low we use a standard assessment procedure on all sites. This entails:

  • Visiting the site to inspect location and existing infrastructure [Optional – primarily for low-head sites]
  • Ordering flow data for the project
  • Compilation of the Scoping Study outlining the potential of the site.

The end product is a scoping report outlining the potential of the site for hydro-electric generation, includes:

  • Summary of draft parameters (head, flow, pipe length etc)
  • Schematic draft layout
  • Estimates of the maximum power, average energy yield and income expected from the system
  • Estimate of the total cost of the system
  • Estimate of the average annual return