Services/ Design and Installation

Preliminary Design Study

Our Preliminary Design Study has been devised as a cost-effective alternative to the multi-phase scoping, feasibility and design studies commonly used in the development of larger hydro schemes. By combining the key elements of all of these phases into a single site visit and report we have effectively reduced the pre-permissions cost of our micro-hydro systems.

The purpose of this service is to provide the client with enough information to:

make an informed decision on the viability of project
engage with the regulatory authorities with a view to securing planning, abstraction and grid connection permissions[1]

To keep our overheads low we use a standard assessment procedure on all sites. This entails:

  • Ordering flow data and maps for the project
  • Surveying the site, collecting information on:
  • The head available
  • The flow on the day of survey
  • Local infrastructure (electricity network etc)
  • The Watercourse environment
  • Review of the site with reference to SEPA guidance. If critical constraints are identified then a summary report will be produced to minimize costs incurred.
  • Compilation of full Preliminary Design Report if there are no critical constraints or if the client wishes to proceed regardless.


  • Preliminary design report outlining the optimum system for the site, includes:
    • Full breakdown of key parameters (head, flow, pipe diameter etc)
    • Estimates of the maximum power, average energy yield and income expected from the system
    • Detailed breakdown of estimated cost
    • Maps of the proposed system layout
    • Drawings of the proposed intake and turbine house
    • Financial analysis outlining payback, risk etc
    • Identification of any designations such as special areas of conservation and advice about what this means for the system.
    • Comment on potential impact on protected species
    • A photographic assessment of the terrain and ground cover within the site.
    • A draft construction method statement.
    • All the relevant data required to complete the Abstraction application forms.
  • Predicted flow report
  • All digital maps purchased for the project

[1] Some additional design work is likely to be required after discussions with stakeholders.