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Dalbrack Hydro Scheme

Dalbrack Hydro Scheme

The Dalbrack Hydro Scheme is located in Invermark where the hills rise to 3,000 feet at Mount Keen, Scotland's most easterly "Munro". It is part of the Dalhousie Estates, in the ownership of the Earls of Dalhousie. The Dalbrack Burn is fed by the run-off from a relatively small area of moorland just outside the Cairngorms National Park and is a tributary of the River North Esk.

Electricity Output

The scheme will generate enough electricity to power 58 UK households.

System Elements

  • Coanda effect intake screens
  • 1.6km of buried pipe
  • Available head 65m
  • Max. flow rate 96 l/s
  • Turgo Turbine


Commissioned 2015